Bid Max 5.0

Maximize your Ad-Opt bidding with this Firefox extension.

Bid Max features:

Note: Bid Max is for ExpressJet AD/OPT users and is FREE!

Install Bid Max

Get Firefox! Step #1: Bid Max requires Firefox browser and Greasemonkey extension.

You're not using the latest version of Firefox browser!
Before continuing, please update and then revisit this page.

Step #2: Install the latest Bid Max version below.

On clicking the link below, Firefox will display a warning along with an Install button. Click on the button to install Bid Max.

Bid Max 5.0

Help: If you get a blank page when you click on the link, then select the Tools>>Options menu and click on the Security tab. Click on the Exceptions button and enable downloads from site.

Step #3: Log into Ad-Opt and enjoy!

You know everything is working ok when you see the enabled monkey-icon () and the Bid Max message at the bottom of the Ad-Opt home-page.

Bid Max Release History
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Using Bid Max

First, order the lines through the Ad-Opt weight based bidding system.

Once that's done, on the main page, select the check-boxes for the lines you're interested in. Then click on the Download Lines button.

Bid Max will then download Line Detail information for each line that's selected and has not already been downloaded. It's important that during this step, you don't move lines around.

If nothing happens, chances are Ad-Opt went into la-la land — just press the button again.

Once the Line Detail is downloaded, you can hover the mouse over a work-day to display the scheduled legs.

If the Ad-Opt toolbox gets in the way, you can drag it to some other screen location by pressing the header and dragging it.

You can also specify Bid Max Star-Rating criteria. As you edit the criteria, the stars and the Bid Max score will be updated dynamically.

Sort by any of the columns by clicking on the header label. Clicking again will reverse the sort order. This feature also applies to the new Bid Max score column.

Another powerful tool is sub-selection sort. If you'd like to sort a subset of rows — select the check-boxes for the beginning and ending rows (i.e. two end rows only) and then click on a sort column header. Only the rows within the selected range will be sorted.

If you'd like to turn off Bid Max for a while, click on the monkey-icon to disable it (). Click again to reenable it.

Bid Max Score

Bid Max translates the star-ratings into a score. Higher the score — the more the overall line meets your criteria.

The scoring system is prioritized from top to bottom preference.

Set Desired Days/Pairing * Set the desired days/pairing - a value from 1 to 4. You can use fractions also. For example, you like 1 or 2-day trips - enter a value of 1.5.

This preference has the highest priority. No star displayed for this preference - but the avg days/pairing for a line is displayed in it's own column.

Show/Done Times $ Not set. N/A Outside both desired show/done times. Pairing within either show or done time. Pairing within both show/done times.
Desired/Avoid Overnight # Not set. Specified overnights not found. Avoid overnight found. Both overnights found. Desired overnight found.
Sit Times # Not set. N/A Greater than max sit-time. Between min and max sit-time. No sits.
* Score is based on how close the average days/pairing is to the preferred days/pairing.
$ Score is based on how the average pairing meets the show/done time windows (i.e. the total show/done line score is divided by the number of pairings).
# Score is instance based.
Bid Max FAQ

Bid Max is installed…but I don't see the Download Line Detail button.

I clicked on Download Line button…nothing's happening?

Can I move the Ad-Opt toolbox?

What's the optimum way to use Bid Max?

Can I sort just a sub-set of all the rows?

What are the green vertical bars bracketing the pairing displays?

Bid Max Disclaimer

This site and Bid Max is not endorsed by Expressjet Airlines.

You're authorized to distribute this link and/or the Bid Max software-extension as-is without any modifications.