Build 681
bug fix: pairing day-count error fix.
iOS users minor update!
Thanks for updating! Press DON'T SHOW AGAIN toggle below.
Build 673
iOS users minor update!
Build 667
Fixed issue with app expiring.
KNOWN BUG: For open-time users, entering a date, crashes app. Looking into it.
Build 666
For seniority trip-trade, can now specify the buffer hours for move to R/T window (pilots).
Build 660
Added temperature check locations. Appears in the leg menu (3 dots) if the airport has a temperature station. View screenshot
Added Seniority trip pickup (pilots). Read info
Build 652
Added Reserve availability (pilots).
Added previous month schedule + view expired pairings (pilots).
PDF bulletin files viewable (via CCS Login) (pilots).
Improved CCS handling.
Build 636
VPN connection ok.
Layover pickup time visible in light theme mode.
Dialog text visible in dark theme mode.
Build 622
bug-fix: On meal selection save, phone/system BACK button works.
Leg details/info (e.g. status etc.) available 2 days before leg date instead of 1.
Improved network connection issues handling.
Build 615
App now uses UNITED flight-status! If not working, in app settings, you can revert to Flightaware service.
Long-press the DOWNLOAD OPEN-TIME button for a faster download (today+tomorrow only) (pilots)
Dead-head PNRs available (pilots)
bug-fix: Can dial tel# with letters (e.g. extensions)
Formatting/color changes.
Build 600
Can call layover tel#. Also call/text crews in your notes etc.
New setting to display month-to-date master schedule entries (pilots)
Build 590
Better message when server services are not available.
Build 588
Blank menu bug fixed.
Can view photo on crew notes page.
Build 585
Personal events (i.e ADD EVENTS) feature greatly improved - can add monthly and annual events. Can edit events in off-line mode and auto synced when online. Synchronization across multiple devices also improved.
Added Open-time has CCS R/T trip pickup w/ Premium-pay option.
Calendar view, week-day labels are static at the top.
Bases added to crew-info page.
Menu can be swiped open/close.
Option to display additional month in calendar view.
Biometrics handling improved.
Build 559
CCS interaction made more robust.
Build 558
Pilots meals can be selected and saved to CCS.
Production release of CCS Mobile app. For bugs/suggestions, please e-mail from the app ABOUT menu option.
Beta release of CCS Mobile app. For bugs/suggestions, please e-mail from the app ABOUT menu option.