Sked Mobile iPhone v7.0

Sked Mobile app allows you to download your Sked+ flight schedule with a single click. It also displays layover contacts, reviews, flight-status and weather forecast.

Sked Mobile is a webapp specifically designed for iPhones. But it should also work for iPads and some other HTML5 compatible browsers - but they're not officially supported.



Above video is for United - disregard the install link in it. Otherwise the instructions are the same.

Click on the link below to download the app.

>> Download Sked Mobile <<

Q&A - Installation

On app download, I'm getting a cache error message?

Q&A - Usage

What are known issues?

Where is the flight-status/wx features?

How do I get updates?

Q&A - Others

Is there a version for Android?

Sked Mobile Terms of Service

On download initiation, your username and passwords are transmitted to and then forwarded to Sked+ servers (SSL encrypted). The information is not saved on

There's a 14-day trial period...once you subscribe, refunds are not offered.

Subscription is tied to a single user and device (i.e. one subscription will not allow use on multiple devices).

If you get a new device, just e-mail us and we'll transfer the remaining subscription days to the new device.

Sked Mobile Disclaimer

As always, your active work schedule is on Sked+ and it's your responsibility to check with it. Sked Mobile is not responsible for any missed assignments.